Riverbend Ruins

1. Vat Chamber A. 11. Intersection
2. Hallway 12. Storage
3. Entry Hall 13. Drainage Chamber
4&5. Offices 14. Drainage Troughs
6. Intersection 15. Access Hatch
7. Vat Chamber B. 16. Pump Room
7B. Maintenance 17. Hallway
8. Laboratory 18. Closet
9. Storage 19. Hallway
10. Mixing Chamber 20. Vat Chamber C.
20A. Maintenance

Upper Level

Lower Level

The Riverbend Ruins are one example of the many Gnossian Ruins scattered throughout the Westerlands. This facility appears to once have been used for the purification of water.

The party explored the ruins at the request of Ipswitch Cogsworth who had accidentally broken through the ceiling of Vat Chamber A while excavating a site for the a bridge that was part of a major infrastructure expansion for the town of Riverbend.

The party found the keep overrun with kobold zombies which had been corrupted by the taint elemental that had taken up residence in Vat Chamber C. The group did manage to clear the ruins of its undead problem and discovered a vat of a mysterious purifying agent that was used in the operation of this ancient site.

Riverbend Ruins

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