Roots of Ehlonna

The Roots of Ehlonna, also known as the Three Threes, represents three rules associated with three Sacred Duties to which all defenders of Ehlonna must adhere. This code of behavior is somewhat different from that of the typical paladin, as it is rooted in the laws of nature which emphasize balance and preservation rather than honor and glory.

Duty to the Sacred Gift

  1. A servant of Ehlonna understands that life is the most sacred gift of the Goddess. She respects, protects and nurtures it in all its forms. A servant of Ehlonna desires most to see life grow and flourish and wasteful destruction of life must never be tolerated.
  2. A servant of Ehlonna also recognizes that life comes from life. For life to survive and grow, sometimes life must end. However, just as the wolf hunts only when hungry, The servant of Ehlonna takes a life only when necessary to preserve the life of another. (i.e. food, shelter or defense)
  3. The struggle between predator and prey is a necessary part of the drama of life. However, just as the cat makes itself large before it attacks, the servant of Ehlonna only takes a life as a last resort. If a predator may be escaped or driven off, the preservation of all life is preferable to the preservation of some.

Duty to the Sacred Order

  1. As the nurse log gives rise to the sprout, The servant of Ehlonna accepts that life has a natural beginning and an end. Those who seek to disrupt the natural cycle of life either by wastefully taking it or unnaturally creating or extending it, disrupt this natural order. (Healing magic is okay, but necromancy is strictly forbidden)
  2. Just as each strand of a spider’s web holds the others in place, the web of life has no wasteful parts. Each strand is connected and contributes to the structure of the whole. The servant of Ehlonna must protect the delicate balance of the web.
  3. The products of unnatural acts or creations have no place within nature and as such, are not sheltered by the leaves of Ehlonna. Aberrations and the living dead are a direct threat to Ehlonna’s Gift and should be removed as the spider removes debris from its web.

Duty to the Sacred Community

  1. Just as each member of a wolf pack must fulfill its role within the pack. So too, must the servant of Ehlonna fulfill her role within her own pack and look after its well-being.
  2. Just as the soldier bee sacrifices itself for the good of the hive, the servant of Ehlonna is willing to sacrifice herself for the good of the whole.
  3. Just as the omega respects and defers to the Alpha, so too does the servant of Ehlonna respect and obey those who are Alpha to her.

Roots of Ehlonna

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